Thursday, October 22, 2015

free EP of extreme metal: Hath

Free album; free when last checked on October 19th, 2015. This week I would like to tell you about Hath. They are a death metal band from New Jersey. They don’t have lots of information on their Facebook page, but the most important thing is that they have an EP for you to hear. The music is a bit on the side of “blackened death metal,” which means that there is a certain level of skill and experience involved. I just found out about this band and I’m still listening to the EP to know it better. It sounds promising. Really, it sounds like serious extreme metal, which is what matters. Maybe they will start publishing more information. Regardless, if you want to hear a new band (new to you) that seeks to make quality extreme metal, then Hath is for you.
"Hive" by Hath released October 14, 2015
1.Apparition 07:46
2.Replicated 06:24
3.Swarm 05:57
4.Commandment 04:22
5.Hive 07:38
total time 32:07

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