Saturday, October 3, 2015

free black metal recording: Ashes of Dagoth

Ashes of Dagoth (Germany)
free recording of symphonic black metal
In terms of self-description, the band writes: "Ashes of Dagoth is a german Symphonic/Melodic Blackmetal Project founded by Florian (Moonforest, Empiric) and Christian in 2013. Inspired by bands like Carach Angren, Advent Sorrow or Dimmu Borgir and by the fascinating universe of the Elder Scrolls-Series they decided to start a new project...Ashes of Dagoth."
Florian takes care of vocals, guitars, songwriting and drums (I assume it means drum programming). Christian does the orchestration, as well as songwriting. The band says that its influences are: Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir, Advent Sorrow, Septic Flesh, Bal Sagoth, Chthonic, Emperor, Al Namrood, Ovid's Withering.
The music, I would say, leans heavily towards the melancholic/dark/gothic side of the symphonic sound. There are traits of sad melodies that are emphasized and they create the certain spirit that the band seeks to set. These slow moments are kept in check with uptempo and also some blasting black metal speed. The vocals are gruff black metal growling, with deep death metal growling thrown in for variety. The band explores a bit of chanting vocals, which also sounds good. It seems to me that the keyboards are more dominant and the guitars play the role of supplement. The drumming sounds like drum programming. The recording is not yet the professional level that the band would like, such as Dimmu Borgir's "Death Cult Armageddon," but it is a worthwhile recording for supporters of symphonic black metal that keep up with bands that up and coming.
The recording is called "The Awakening" and it was released on October 2nd, 2015.
1. The Fate of the Dwemer 02:54
2. Akulakhan 05:22
3. Kagrenacs Greed 05:40
4. Nightfall in Morrowind 02:46
5. Dreams of Flesh and Blood 05:08
6. Dagoth Ur 05:40
total time 27:30

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