Sunday, October 4, 2015

free album of black metal from Washington state: Allura'taq

by MMB
Free recording of black metal from the state of Washington, U.S.
Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about this band. I just found out about the album and when I checked today, the 3rd of October, 2015, the album is still free/name your price.
It is a full-length album. They do some shorter songs and some longer pieces that are more exploratory in nature and that ask a bit more from the listener.
On Bandcamp the band says:
“The name Allura'taq is a conglomeration of several Alutiiq words, among them 'stranger' and 'singer'. Allura'taq captures the deep, manic energy that stems from nature and the celestial. Melodic and sometimes chaotic, Allura'taq is continually influenced by European Metal made in late 80's and 90's to produce music that is powerful, dark and exhilarating.”
Metal Archives gives the following information.
Jeff Kastelic (Devilry, ex-Full Frontal Assault, ex-Leatherhorn)
Bobby Lind
(Devilry, ex-Full Frontal Assault, ex-No Utopia)
The album is called “Unearthly Inversion” (September 23rd, 2015)
1.Conjuring Mutation 05:41
2.Deaths Stalking Spectre 04:47
3.Black Sea of Trees 06:08
4.Luminous Collapse 07:30
5.Inward Sacrament 09:17
6.Ascendant in Ruin 06:08
7.Beheading 07:28
8.Circle of Curses 12:31
total time 59:30
Given that it is a new album, my general impression is that the music and quality reflect a serious endeavor on the part of the two musicians. This is not a garage demo, for your information. Listeners into black metal and into extreme metal from the state of Washington now have a new album to get acquainted with.
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