Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fire Strike

traditional heavy metal from Brazil: Fire Strike
"The band FIRE STRIKE was formed under the name HOLE OF HELL, in 2004, always with the purpose of playing the purest traditional metal, with roots in the style icons in the 80s. Always playing covers and influenced by bands like Grim Reaper, Angel Witch, Saxon, Iron Maiden, among other big names of this line of traditional heavy metal. With the name HOLE OF HELL, the band performed a few times and also released a demo auto-intitule, but had a simple production and served as a first step to learning work on studio.
In 2005 there is a change in the line-up and with this change, the band is now called FIRE STRIKE, with line-up that had faith Kuro (Current Living Heart), Helyad Amaro and Felipe (G), Bruno Trevigno (B) and Jean Praelii (D), record the first demo of Fire Strike, the band becomes several shows, but over time other line-up changes, delay the plans to launches official debut of the material. In 2010 another change occurs that alters and elevates the songwriting of the band, with the entry of the singer Aline Nunes, moves the 'footprint' of songs bringing more technical, but the traditional ideology remains intact. With the formation of Aline Nunes (V), Helyad Amaro, Henrique Schuindt (G), Edivan Diamond (B) and Jean Praelii (D) the band released their first official record The Ep 'Lion And Tiger'.
'Lion And Tiger' was recorded and produced by the band independently, the recordings were made at the home of guitarist Helywild, who handled the production with the help of fellow guitarist Henrique Shuindt, the result was much higher than expected by the band and received excellent critical in specialized media from various parts of the world, such as note 10/10 on the site Die Fight.
The cover art was done by the great artist Celso Mathias, who has worked with other bands on the national scene and has a very successful career working for multinationals with their illustrations.
The CD release occurred via Thirteen Records label owned by Tor vocalist, the band Zumbis do Espaço, the EP has 5 songs themselves: “Nightfever”,”Streets of Fire”,”True as a Dream”,” Master of the seas” and the title track “Lion and Tiger“.' The Ep in less than 2 months of release the copies had been sold in Japan and Europe being sold to countries like USA, France, Ireland, Italy and Russia.
The band already has the experience of sharing the stage with big names from the national and international metal as Harppia, Hellish War, Salário mínimo,Antharez, Comando Nuclear,Skull Fist, among others, is with great pretensions to the disclosure of this Tour his first official record.
In 2014 there was a further change in the formation of the band, Jean Praelii leaves the band and his was the replacement Alan Hunter, an excellent drummer who already was part of the bands FINAL SCREAM (cover of Grim Reaper and authorial), Shockbreaker (traditional heavy metal, authorial) Tiger (traditional heavy metal band with female vocal) still belongs. Alan enters the Fire Strike already writing the first full length which is slated for 2015.
Influences: All the great traditional heavy metal bands in the world, mainly: SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, PRETTY MAIDS, GRIM REAPER, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, TWISTED SISTER, ACCEPT, KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE."
Our Life Is the Heavy Metal demo 2008
Fire Strike Demo 2009
Lion and Tiger EP 2013
Panzer Fest 2 Split 2013
Metal Das Ruas Split 2014
FIRE STRIKE - Night Fever (Official Video)

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