Thursday, October 15, 2015


Underlying Issues
Scarlet Records
release: 6 November 2015
I can only assume from this album that the band is in the middle of a major creative upswing. Something great is going on with this band and it all sounds like everything is right. They manage to do many different moods and make it all sound so smooth. Eldritch wants to take you through the range of human emotions within the duration of the album.
Confused, happy, lonely, alienated, angry, and depressed is all here, and just before you think that they might lead you to drinking, they turn and tell you that you might just be ok after all.
Eldritch is an excellent choice for quality traditional prog/heavy metal that operates the sphere of introspective songs and emotion. In terms of the songs, Eldritch has written a greatest hits album, except that this is simply the new Eldritch album. Every song sounds so full of work, emotion and energy. This is not a slow album nor is it an album full of ballads, either. For instance, “The Light” is an uptempo tune, yet the lyrics and the vocal delivery overwhelm the song with melancholy. The sensation is uniquely Eldritch. The guitar work sounds exquisite, too. “The Face I Wear” will take you from a rocking energy to melancholy, and back, within the space of five minutes and 41 seconds. It could be that Eldritch has reached a maximum know-how for dealing with broken relationships, lost love and heartache in song. Even with a thrashing song like the album closer “Slowmotion K Us,” which has moshpit-inducing guitar work, the band finds a way to add melody, and raises the song way above a simple thrashing number. This time around, it seems like the full-on ballad is “To the Moon and Back.” Don’t listen to this song too much unless you are planning on drinking a whole bottle of wine all by yourself. Eldritch is not responsible if you are not able to get up and go to work the next day.
The first demo of the band came out in 1991. This is now their tenth album. They just keep getting better and better at their craft.

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