Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Project X
Scarlet Records
release: 6 November 2015
At this stage of their career, the metal veterans are living in their own world, doing their best to achieve perfection. The band built its reputation on power metal, but increasingly they are more drawn to orchestral metal. This time the band has dialed back the rocking guitars, and dialed up the classical music and the classic rock, for a sound similar to a rock opera. The band has been doing this mix of orchestral sounds and melodic metal for a while. This is another chapter in that trajectory. While the diehard power metal listener will not necessarily be thrilled with the lack of power metal, the public that likes the idea of classical music and melodic metal will take to this album quite easily. The quality shows that the band has worked hard to take new directions, and to push for something exciting for themselves and for their supporters. The band has been around a long time and the power metal crowds in Europe know them. The band began in 1993, and this album is their tenth, hence the name. Keep in mind that people know them for being a power metal band, but the last couple of albums find the band moving in a more orchestral direction. They keep making quality music, regardless of genre.

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