Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clair de Lune (English)

Clair de Lune from El Salvador (English)
neoclassical/avant-garde metal
Founded in San Miguel in 2003 as a heavy metal band called "Standard" whose members were Joaquin Cisneros on guitar, Mario Orellana on guitar (now in "Hemisferium" and "Days of Insanity"), Dagoberto Cabrera Battery (former "ghoul" ex "Hemisferium" and now in "Days of insanity" and Julio Sanchez on bass and vocals.
In mid-2005 Joaquin Cisneros left the band, and decide to change the musical style to a more epic sound and include keyboards and female vocals and Karen Rodriguez know. Julio Sanchez is changed to the keyboard and Ivan "Weevil" Aguilar (now in Hemisferium) is incorporated in the low and starting to work on original music. In early 2006 left the band Mario Orellana Contreras and Yul is incorporated as sole guitarist, Joshua and Quennez Flowers in transverse flute and violin respectively thus giving a twist to "Standard". Later this year they recorded a demo which titled "Prologue" which included an Intro plus 3 songs which were "attaint", "Ladava and the game of Kings" and "The last function"; For reasons in sound quality it will never distributed. Shortly after Ivan "Weevil" Aguilar left the band.
In 2007 the project was paused due to time of all members. So in October 2010, Dagoberto Cabrera, Julio Sanchez and Karen Rodriguez decided to resume the project again Yul contacting Contreras, Quennez Joshua Flores and Flores (Hemisferium), renaming the project as "ad libitum". From that time until today it has passed several members that due to time especially, have failed to keep; in October 2011 and copyright the name "ad libitum" by "Clair De Lune" French name which translated into Spanish means is changed, "Moonlight" and is so named in honor of one of the most beautiful compositions of Ludwig Van Beethoven (Sonata Mooonlight). That same year Quennez Flowers (transverse flute) decides to take his own way out of the band.
Rafael Lopez-Contratenor
Stanley Cabrera - guttural vocals
Miguel Alvarez-Guitar
Julio Sanchez - Keyboard and composition
Josue Flores - Violin, Viola
Ricardo Arias-Battery

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