Friday, October 9, 2015

Chastain: We Bleed Metal PURE STEEL RECORDS RELEASE: 6th November 2015

by MMB
We Bleed Metal
RELEASE: 6th November 2015
“We Bleed Metal” is what happens when the rifforama wizard of shredding David T. Chastain forms an alliance with the voice of heavy metal Leather Leone. It’s traditional heavy metal that hits all the right buttons, and what a treat this album should be for supporters of high caliber heavy metal.
Mr. Chastain puts his craft in the service of songs. The balancing of shredding skill and songwriting on this album works very well. They give you fast songs, uptempo rockers, the midpace stompers, some slower moments, melodic hooks, shredding (of course!), and everything else.
I am pleased with this album. It’s everything that I could have hoped. There’s real variety in the songwriting. Chastain has a discography that stretches back to the 80s and now things have come full circle. At this point, Chastain—like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, and U.D.O—sounds like they are having fun making the music that they want. They know how to do it very well, how to get the sound that they want.
I, for one, do appreciate the work of Mr. Chastain, Leather Leone and company. It’s fantastic to have the classic Chastain sound in today’s world. It’s a bit classic, a bit traditional and a bit modern, incorporating both worlds, and it’s Chastain all the way.
If you support traditional heavy metal with talent, serious guitar, real singing and rocking songs, and you have never given Chastain your support, I think this new album is as perfect an invitation as there is. Or, if you are older, and you lost track of Chastain and you are wondering whether they still got it, you might feel embarrassed for even having doubts after you hear this album, which is the second one since Leather rejoined Chastain. The previous album is called “Surrender to No One” (2013).
The band is:
vocalist Leather Leone
bassist Mike Skimmerhorn
drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, Firewind)
guitarist David T. Chastain
Remember: this album comes November 6th, 2015. Put it on your list.

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