Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blasphemic Cruelty

by MMB
Blasphemic Cruelty is blasting death thrash (or black thrash or war metal) from Florida, U.S. This band features underground metal veterans with high, professional standards. It’s music for supporters of masterful black, death and thrash metal, for those that demand excellence, experience, skillful songwriting and execution. The heritage encompassed by the band is worth underlining.
The bassists/vocalist is Alex Blume, from Ares Kingdom (which has former members of the cult Order from Chaos). Gina Ambrosio (ex-Angelcorpse) smashes the drums. The guitars are the responsibility of one Gene Palubicki, whose résumé includes Perdition Temple, Angelcorpse, amongst other names.
The music is catchy in the spirit of Angelcorpse’s highly regarded “Exterminate” album. This is Gene Palubicki doing what he does best, unleashing a barrage of classic-style, compact, tight riffs along thrash/black lineage. The drumming on this EP is elegant, hyperspeed Sandovalian blasting that you will remember after the music stops, which is a trait of the songs in general, too.
Whether you worship classic Angelcorpse, or black thrash, war metal, classic Possessed/Dark Angel/Morbid Angel, black metal or Sarcófago/Sodom, I can tell you only the truth as I hear it: this Blasphemic Cruelty EP breathes life and fire big time. I have been listening to it a lot. A lot.
Between the music of Blasphemic Cruelty and Gene’s other squad Perdition Temple (which has Immolation and former Angelcorpse guitarist Bill Taylor, and Black Witchery vocalist Impurath) and its 2015 album “The Tempter’s Victorious,” things should be pretty good for the Angelcorpse fanatic in 2015.
Anyway, Blasphemic Cruelty’s “Crucible of the Infernum” EP was released on July 20th, 2015 and it has the following songs.
1. Imperium of the Lawless One 05:36
2. Icons of Revolt 05:04
3. From Crypts of Bloodlust 05:52
4. The Crippler (Sodom cover) 04:06
total time 20:38
Go here to listen to the EP.

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