Friday, October 16, 2015

A Flourishing Scourge

A Flourishing Scourge
As Beauty Fades Away
release date: September 4th, 2015
Can extreme and prog metal coexist in the same songs? Won’t the songs fall apart when fire and ice, brain and brawn meet?
The band has been working its craft right under noses here in the state of Washington, answering this very question. Even though the music requires a certain intelligence (it’s prog, after all) from the listener, the band is wise to keep the prog in check with some black metal sensibilities. A song like “In Continuum” takes prog metal straight to the gates of black metal and shows how successful the hybridization can become. It seems to me that prog bands are too nervous about taking on extreme metal, and when A Flourishing Scourge does it, it makes you wonder why it’s so rare in the first place: the unlikely pairing results in a successful creation.
On the one hand, the band stands out for the conscious alliance of extreme metal and prog metal. On the other, there is a sincere effort to keep both genres in an uneasy harmony that will get the attention of the more adventurous listeners. I think that listeners in general search for music that has something a bit unique or different, something that makes the listener notice the songs. It is true that this EP takes time to make sense in a comprehensive way. The first couple of listens the picture is not totally clear. However, the sheer will and pride of the band is very audible and upfront on the first listen, which is the catalyst for further listens that eventually reveal the unfolding of the band’s identity.
The bringing together of heaviness and melody, of prog and extreme metal is apparently difficult to do because it’s not common. However, it’s not impossible. Listen to A Flourishing Scourge for yourself!
Kevin Carbrey: the thunder
Josh Keifer: the cannons
Andrew Dennis: the crunch
Tye Jones: the grit and the crunch
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