Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Warkvlt (Indonesia)
In a world where traditional-necro black metal needs zealot-fanatical bands to defend it, the time for Warkvlt is right to deliver 100 percent grim black metal as true as they possibly can.
Warkvlt Full-length 2013
In nomine odium Single 2013
Blasphemous Alliance Split 2014
Maju, Serbu, Serang, Hancurkan !!! EP 2014
Merdeka Single 2015
Merdeka Full-length 2015
Serangan Umum 8 Maret (Live) 2015
On Bandcamp you can hear the 2015 album “Merdeka,” a raw black metal work of speed, guitar rifforama and necrovocal intensity. Warkvlt is for those whose idea of black metal is early Bathory and necro Darkthrone. The band is new only in a technical sense because the band’s forerunner was Impish, a black metal band that began in 2010 (and which according to Metal Archives, continues today). Really, the history goes even back further because, for instance, Metal Archives lists many bands for guitarist Abah “Desecrator” Supriyanto, bands such as Crusade, Dismaster, Hallucination, Hellgods and Neurotic of Gods. Some of those bands’ origins go back to the early 90s, actually, so there is a lot experience consolidated in Warkvlt. This wide knowledge of metal music gives this band a great, vibing feel when you listen to the music. The guitar work demonstrates how to make fast black metal while still injecting necromelody to make the songs memorable. The album sounds great for the style and for the supporters of the genre. Personally, I believe that the earlier recording “In Nomine Odium” (2013) also represents the band’s black metal identity and allegiance very well. I like the drum sound on that earlier recording better, as it does not sound so programmed as on “Merdeka.” In conclusion, in terms of this style and execution of the songs, Warkvlt is worthy of your time if you desire to find true black metal from Indonesia in 2015.

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