Sunday, September 13, 2015

Visions of the Night

black/death metal from Canada.
"Visions of the Night was first created by Wolvesblood as a one-man project in 1999. A single was recorded and although not officially released, made its way onto an extreme radio show. Members of the local metal scene soon took notice and shortly after that a 3 person band was formed with the aid of a drum machine. After writing more material and playing several live shows, in 2002 the debut full length ‘EnVisioning the New Age’ was released, introducing a blend of death/black/horror metal. An ep 'Externalizing Caligination' was released in 2005 with a live drummer and also included the bands first video 'The Summoning Litgury'. ‘Nocturnal Militia’ was the next cd in 2007. This release was recorded and mixed at Frozen Solid Studios by Matt Connell (EXHUMED) and was Mastered by Yannick St. Amand (ex-NEURAXIS, ION DISSONANCE, DESPISED ICON). 2007 also brought on a tour that included shows not only out of the province, but out of the country. Montreal, Detroit, Poughkeepsie, Saratoga Springs were just some of the cities that were performed in. V.O.T.N. toured Japan with Death Metal All-Stars in 2008 with shows in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2010, a third tour "Butchering the Northeast 2010" had many dates in the U.S. and Canada. The band has currently just completed their latest release 'Guerrillas Within Their Midst' which features session drums by Todd Hansen (THE BERZERKER, ROME, FUC) and a guest appearance by Rob Urbinati (SACRIFICE). The most recent tour was 'Intercontinental Assault 2013' which took place in Australia, Japan and Taiwan." --from the bio on Facebook.

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