Monday, September 21, 2015


Sanhedrin (U.S.): Sanhedrin
It is amazing how many New York bands that people call “metal” suck so bad! It’s all that worthless New York hardcore punk pollution that is to blame.
Wouldn’t be nice to hear a new New York band play traditional metal with talent and with no core?!
Oh, if only it were possible! If only!
Well, today is your lucky day, metalheads. Sanhedrin plays rocking heavy metal. They have actual guitar riffs, guitar solos (!), drums that sound very real (are they real live drums? I don’t know!) and they have a singer, yes, a singer, not some dumb dog hardcore screamo.
This is the heavy metal that I want. This is so good that it had me cleaning my ears and doing double takes. That’s not all, their recording is available for free/name-your-price (when last I checked on September 21, 2015).
This is a new band formed in 2015. They are from Brookly, New York and they play traditional heavy metal. This is what Facebook says:
Erica Stoltz - vocals, bass
Jeremy Sosville - guitar, backing vocals
Nathan Honor - drums
“Following the dissolution of their previous band, drummer Nathan Honor (ex-Vermefug) and guitarist Jeremy Sosville (Black Anvil) began jamming together for several months, molding a new sound and vision for a band. This vision came to life with the addition of the siren-voiced singer and bassist Erica Stoltz (ex-Lost Goat), and Sanhedrin was born. This completion of the trio resulted in a band rooted in classic heavy metal and hard rock, but unafraid to cross genre boundaries.
Sanhedrin’s sound is familiar but not derivative. While their songwriting is clearly rooted in the classics, their take on rock and metal comes across as fresh and honest. Lyrically, Sanhedrin often forgoes the traditional fantasy-based themes found in much heavy metal in favor of more real-life themes of inner struggle and social commentary. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sanhedrin’s sound is a combination of the toughness and beauty that their home borough embodies.”
The recording is great stuff, and as you can tell, I’m excited about it. I have never heard of this band and I had no expectations, but this EP shows that they have some good things ahead of them. This band surprised me with the good songs from the first moment I heard it. It’s so nice to hear a band that has decided to make music in this style.
The recording is simply titled “Sanhedrin.”
1.Riding on the Dawn 04:08
2.Saints and Sinners 04:57
3.A Funeral for the World 06:18
4.No Religion 07:00
total time 22:23
The first two songs are uptempo, traditional heavy metal bangers, while the last two are midtempo, and show that the band can do a variety of tempos, including a bit of the doomier sounds. If you support traditional heavy metal, you have no excuse now. Go here:

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