Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ruins of Elysium

Below is some information about gothic symphonic Ruins of Elysium. You can hear the music below.
"Ruins of Elysium is an Epic Symphonic Metal band from Germany/Brazil/Chile that trusts on elements from classical music, extreme metal, gothic metal, j-rock and even videogame themed lyrics to bring the most epic and heavy songs to life. RoE differs from the other bands in the style not only for the almost endless different influences and sizes of its music, but for the operatic voice of classical trained tenor Drake Chrisdensen. No other metal band utilizes a classical male singer as its main and only voice, something very common in the female fronted metal, but Ruins of Elysium’s main objective is to break boundaries and that’s what we are going to do with our music. We hope to touch your hearts with our songs and show you a plethora of different sides that symphonic metal can bear within its beautiful and complex melodies."
listen to the music

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