Saturday, September 19, 2015

new EP from Addaura (Washington state, U.S.)

Addaura is melodic/atmospheric/symphonic black metal. They have a new EP in 2015.
The band’s discography is as follows:
Demo 2010 Demo 2010
Burning for the Ancient full-length 2012
... and the Lamps Expire EP 2015
The band started in 2008 and Facebook gives this lineup:
Ryan – vocals, guitars, keys
Brandon - bass
Jesse - guitar
Brandon - drums
You can listen to the new music at the band’s Bandcamp page, which also has the 2012 album. In terms of the music itself, it is remarkable how well the band’s black metal has been received. There is no question that the 2012 album “Burning for the Ancient” carries an undeniable charm. Addaura’s music is structured to run smoothly through the tempo changes. It is interesting that people say that Addaura is “repetitive” and when they say that, they say it as a positive comment, as a compliment. Why? Because the songs flow so smoothly that some listeners view the album as one long composition. Just to clarify, the album is not one song. It is:
1.City Light (In Still Dark Forenoon Silence) 10:25
2.The Muses Thro' Their Bowers 14:24
3.The Baring Admission of Weakness 13:46
4.Solace Beneath a Greying Sky 13:36
total time 52:11
Yet, the songs appear connected in a such a way that it does sound like one big song, in the sense that people listen to the album, and just ride out the songs. Is it the simplicity of the music? Calling “simple” seems incorrect because this is not two-chord, monotonous music. Rather, it could be the fundamental principle of transitioning smoothly from one segment to the next in such a way that people do not even notice.
Now, the 2015 recording ”... and the Lamps Expire” continues the aesthetics upon which the band is building a reputation. The new music establishes that the band is well on its way in terms of identity. If anything, this 2015 EP leaves the listener wanting more. Perhaps the band had sensed that the time gap between the previous album and the new EP was getting too long. They may be working on a much bigger project. Regardless, the EP is a satisfying listen and it’s good to hear that the spirit is still there. The thing now is that listeners around this region have their sights set on the band delivering an epic album. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. Meanwhile, the EP is available at Bandcamp for the 1 dollar starting price, which is a good reason to check it out and to begin the process of communicating with the band and asking about that full-length album! That’s the hope that the EP has revived, that the follow-up to 2012’s “Burning for the Ancient” is indeed being planned.
If you have an interest in black metal, and atmospheric black metal in particular, spend some time with Addaura today. Get in contact with the band.

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