Tuesday, September 8, 2015

listen to the new Ramming Speed: No Epitaphs

Ramming Speed (U.S.) has a new album out. The plays "Thrash metal / Grind / Dbeat / Rock n roll." Below is a link to the new music.
Ramming Speed
No Epitaphs
Prosthetic Records
Band Members:
Peter Gallagher - Vocals
Kallen Bliss - Guitars
Snake Chuffskin - Guitars
Ben Powell - Bass
Jonah Livingston - Drums
The band self-describes as:
"Ramming Speed have been pounding the highway hard since 2007. Borrowing heavily from d-beat punk's charging rhythm, NWOBHM's twin guitar harmonies, thrash metal's aggression and grind's blinding speed, we have have released one cd, four records, and two tapes on six different labels. Touring has covered the entire US many times over, along with 14 other countries, including the UK, Iceland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, Austria and beyond. The band has toured/done one off's with Trap Them, Torche, Municipal Waste, Phobia, Holy Grail, Toxic Holocaust, Black Tusk, Doomriders, Saviours, Revocation and many more."
Prosthetic Records' press releases points out:
"No Epitaphs, is not only heavy metal punks, Ramming Speed’s, third full length, it’s an assessment on where this Richmond by-way-of-Boston band stands in 2015. Not that anyone ever considered Ramming Speed dead; on the contrary, with almost nonstop global touring, the aforementioned full lengths and a handful of splits and EPs, the band has been considering one of the most hardworking bands around. No Epitaphs is more of a rebirth, a new beginning, a statement saying, “we’re nowhere close to being finished, we’ve just begun”.
Making one’s way in a professional band is tough, especially in the punk and metal world. The members spent their salad days living in warehouses, sleeping in parking lots and playing basement after basement, sometimes only to be able to crash there after a set, sharing the floor with mice, roaches and mold.Ramming Speed’s music reflected that grime and grit with its anger and reckless speed. Fans loved it, they toured and toured more and put forth a fun, party atmosphere wherever they went to keep their spirits high and intact. They crossed the globe with bands such as Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Goatwhore, Revocation, 3 Inches of Blood, and many more.
Prior to starting working on No Epitaphs, the band packed everything up and relocated to Richmond, VA. The big lifestyle change brought a new change in attitude. Gone was the feeling of being the underdog and having to constantly fight to prove their worth. A new level of pride and ability swept over the band and when it came time to work on a new record, they were more focused than ever before. The songs began to take form, ones built for sing-alongs and crowd interaction, but still filled with plenty of speed and brutality.
With the writing process completed, the band headed back up to Massachusetts to record No Epitaphs. Teaming back up with producer and Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studios, the album captures Ballou’s patented chainsaw guitar sound (Ballou even cuts a solo on the track, Horns of War) and mixes it with vicious grinding D-beat, speed metal riffage, classic twin guitar heroics and crushing drums. With Gallagher’s sociopolitical commentary positioned on top, Ramming Speed have completely stepped up their game. They are bringing something new to the underground table, combining all their influences to create a sound that can’t be pigeonholed to one specific genre."

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