Friday, September 4, 2015

free recording of atmospheric, instrumental black metal: InnerDarkness

InnerDarkness (Belgium)
Instrumental atmospheric cave black metal is what you will find on the demo called “The Story of Nature,” a four-song 2015 recording. The music is meant, from what I hear, to take you away from the chitchat and conversation and noise of the world. InnerDarkness probably would like for you to listen to the music so that you can hear yourself think. You might call this music “post-metal” or something similar. It’s meant to be simple and to create a sense of solitude. It is a demo recording and it’s not fancy. It sounds “homemade,” like a demo, but if you like instrumental music and you like this type of music (instrumental, demos), check this one out. Of course, just understand that this is pretty different and not for the commercial world.
Get the recording here.

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