Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hibria (Brazil): Hibria
(Test Your Metal Records)
review by Jojo from Fuglymaniacs
Hibria is back with a new release. It's a self- titled album even though it’s their fifth. The band feels they have reached a new level with the current line up, musically they all know each other's strengths making the creative process a lot stronger. Some will argue that this release is more "mature". Fuglymaniacs hates the word more "mature". It's usually "code" for slow and change of trajectory of the band's sound. Followed by an over produced and layered with high tech nonsense. Shit the band can't play live so it's pre-recorded.
This release certainly contains those elements and arrangements. Keyboard and programming, Orchestral parts, sax, trumpets, hell even a choir. More success and bigger budgets bands usually do this and get carried away with this crap.
It's called "evolution" we get it. Hibria has sprinkle some new elements on previous albums but this time is obvious. A couple of songs, Pain and Ashamed, both include horns, saxophone and trumpet. Go figure…
Fuglymaniacs does likes the new the sound and different elements. It's not overly done and they keep in check for the most part.
The one constant is the level of skill involved on this release. The solos rage, the vocals deliver and all the tempo changes are fluid.
The foundation of Hibria's metal, is still present front and center. You'll still find the speed & a lil bit of thrashiness, melodies, lots of riffage and technical solos. More of this straight up power metal comes “Within Abyss,” “Tightrope,” and “Fame.”
Bottom line....Hibria manages to pull this off and Fuglymaniacs approves.
Where others have tried and failed Hibria stands tall and makes metalheads proud.
Buy, support, ENJOY!

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