Tuesday, September 22, 2015

free EP of black metal: Fornicus

Kentucky, U.S. black metal band Fornicus has a new free/name-your-price EP, called “Feast for Rats.”
1.Feast for Rats 02:22
2.Ancient Queen 03:29
3.Freezing Moon 06:35
Feast For Rats and Ancient Queen:
recorded spring MMXV
SB-guitar, voice
Freezing Moon:
recorded summer MMXV
SB-guitar, drums, voice
guest solo by Tim Ball of Abominant
Ancient Queen originally by Emperor
Freezing Moon originally by Mayhem
The band’s bio says: “Birthed in the heart of America's bible belt in late 2012, Fornicus was conceived to cast darkness over the ignorant masses and their foolish dogmas. Blending qualities of black, thrash, and even a taste of death the band creates a vicious aural assault that will quench the listener’s thirst for all things metal. Throughout the first year of the band's existence the songs that would become their debut album were meticulously crafted by members Scott, Chris, and David and eventually were completed with the addition of Kelly at the beginning of 2014. The tracking began shortly thereafter in Scott's own Velocity Studios for the album that is now known as "Storming Heaven," a bold statement chastising Christ and his blind sheep for their "righteous" ways with the ultimate goal of destroying God's Kingdom. With live rituals now beginning and the album's release, the force that is Fornicus will strengthen to take its place as one of Kentucky's premier practitioners of metal.”
The influences that the band lists are: Watain, Angelcorpse, Carpathian Forest, early Dimmu Borgir, Absu, Akercocke, 1349, Mayhem, Emperor, Dark Funeral, Goatwhore, Taake, Zyklon, etc.
This EP is a good reminder that the band is still active. If you like traditional black metal, how can you reject this EP?! You can’t! The fact that they have Tim from the mighty death metal squadron Abominant (also from Kentucky, U.S.) is a very cool element. Abominant rules. Fornicus rules. This EP is still available for free, as of September 21, 2015.
email: fornicus666@gmail.com

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