Tuesday, September 22, 2015

free album of black metal: Dispellment

Dispellment (U.S.)
This three-person black metal band is from Virginia, U.S. As of September 22, 2015, their album is available for free/name-your-price. I highly recommend this exciting album to true black metal maniacs. The vibe of the album is awesome and it is wonderful to hear a band that pledged allegiance to traditional black metal. Don’t assume that this is a garage demo. I have been listening to it on headphones and you can hear the instrumentation well. Expect a band that sounds experienced and aware of how to write a song that will make you bang your head. The band is:
Ikonoklast - strings, voice, and scripture
Æþelwulf - death rattles
Sulfur - assault and battery
Facebook says that they started in 2010 and this is their debut, according to Metal Archives. Well, it looks like they have been practicing because this album rocks. The album is called “Atone.”
"Atone" by Dispellment
1.Old Man Winter 03:27
2.Werwolfnacht 05:20
3.Long Ago... 04:20
4.Black Knights of the Snowbound Keep 04:03
5.Bone Dust Ritual 03:38
6.Ancient Ikonoklasts 05:45
7.Hearing the Master's Call 04:39
total time 31:12
I downloaded this sucker and gave the band a few bucks because I liked it so much! Do you want true black metal? Dispellment is exactly that, and they are really good at it, in my opinion.
www.dispellment.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/dispellment Email dispellment@gmail.com

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