Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dark Delirium

Dark Delirium (Morocco)
Instrumental, one–person project of “prog metal with Oriental influences.” Given that I know nothing about the music of Morocco, I am not qualified to say anything about the origins or influences of the melodies found on this recording.
“Mediaeval Blood” 2015 recording
1.Mediaeval Blood 03:24
2.The Caliphate 03:07
3.Odium 04:03
4.The Individual Reaction 03:01
5.During the Inevitable Battle 02:41
6.From Ashes We Rise 03:28
7.Feral Burial 03:08
total time 22:52
However, if you are interested in hearing prog metal from Morocco, this could be something for you. It has those “Middle Eastern” melodies, as far as I can tell, which is not very far. Of course, this is not a full band, but a solo project. Don’t you just appreciate the stubbornness of this musician to keep making this music? It’s prog, it’s instrumental, it’s got to be a person with lots of willpower, right? Persevere.

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