Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Blood (Germany): Christbait (Vic Records)
In 2015 Vic Records is re-releasing Blood’s 1992 album. Blood formed in 1986 and released a bunch of demos from 1986-1989. The early material is sloppy punk chaos. After the 1989 debut album “Impulse to Destroy,” the band continued releasing EPs in 1990 and 1991, all the while becoming better, so that by this 1992 album, the band sounds like a death metal/grind band, much tighter and skilled at extreme sounds.
Nowadays the band is active and on their Facebook page they have some shows planned from now and until the end of the year. Blood has a storied discography, so don’t mistake them for a one-hit wonder grind band. This 1992 album has 20 songs and the music is as heavy as Incantation or Deicide, but it’s more direct, more grind that gets to the point quickly. If anything, Blood on this album has a sound in the general neighborhood of Napalm Death’s “Utopia Banished”: the guitar tone, vocals and vibe shares some similarities. According to Metal Archives, both albums came out the same year, actually.

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