Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Black metal entity Al-Namrood (Saudi Arabia) has a new music video for a new track from the upcoming album Diaji Al Joor to be released in November on the 27th.
band members
Mephisto: Guitars/Bass
Ostron: Middle Eastern Instruments
Humbaba: Vocal
أتباع النمرود EP 2008
Narcotized Split 2008
استفحل الثأر Full-length 2009
Estorat Taghoot Full-length 2010
Kitab Al Awthan Full-length 2012
Jaish AlNamrood EP 2013
حين يظهر الغسق Full-length 2014
Ana Al Tughian Single 2015
Beat the Bastards Single 2015
Diaji Al Joor Full-length 2015
Diaji Al Joor 2015
1. Dhaleen
2. Zamjara Alat
3. Hawas Wa Thuar
4. Ejhaph
5. Adghan
6. Ya Le Taasatekum
7. Hayat Al Khezea
8. Ana Al Tughian
9. Alqab Ala Hajar
"After the successful release of Estorat Taghoot in 2010, we were thinking to shift our focus away from the ancient Babylon land to a hub with deeper Arabian aspect. The reason we illustrated Babylon in the first place was because the concept of AlNamrood was originated based autocratic tyrant kings where they crossed through the Arabian history, such as Nimrod & Nebuchadnezzar, it was very identical to our stream. Thus, on this time we are pronouncing the utter darkness of Arabian Peninsula."--from Facebook
Al-Namrood - Hayat Al Khezea (Official Music Video 2015)

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