Friday, August 28, 2015

The Devils of Loudun

The Devils of Loudun: Entering Oblivion
The Devils of Loudun have been getting out their name in the Seattle region. In 2015 things are becoming clearer. The band is now ready to show the world who they are with a brand new EP in 2015 called “Entering Oblivion.” The band plays a hybrid of neoclassical symphonic melodic black/death/power metal, with early Children of Bodom and also Kalmah as general reference points, if you want to know the musical parameters at work. The Devils of Loudun underline something important about metal music in 2015 in the Seattle area: metal bands are doing a wide variety of sounds, going in different directions. On ReverbNation the band has the following bio, which helps to illustrate the convergence of sounds:
“From Seattle, located in the heart of the rain drenched, frozen wastes of the Pacific Northwest, comes The Devils of Loudun. A six-man melodic death metal outfit named from a tale of religious fanaticism and demonic possession in 17th century France. Formed in the Summer of 2009, the band quickly gained ground in the non-existent Washington underground metal scene by destroying (and barfing at) every possible show that has been thrown at them. Drawing from influences which spread across a wide musical spectrum The Devils of Loudun's ever-evolving sound could be considered a combination of Scandinavian melodic death metal, symphonic power metal and American death metal topped with hearty serving of classical and video game influenced melodies. With the band recently finished up recording and releasing their first official EP titled “Entering Oblivion,” you can be sure to see them live, playing at local broken-down metal venues for pitchers of beer and on their upcoming West Coast tour in the Summer of 2015.”
This new EP “Entering Oblivion” is some 18 minutes of music that pulls the curtain completely and we now hear in full display where the band is going: they want to make great metal music, and they do not care if they break a few rules in the process. They stubbornly refuse to limit themselves to a genre or a style.
The band is:
Scott Hermanns – fire guitar wizardry
Drew Tuel – nuclear guitar enchantment
José Gutiérrez – drummering thunder exclaim
Ben Velozo – keyboardian altercations ways
Vance Bratcher – voices of the never end
Billy Keller – bass frequencies palpitations
Listen to the new music at Bandcamp.

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