Thursday, August 13, 2015

Temple of Baal

Temple of Baal (France) is an extreme metal band that began in 1998.
the band is:
Amduscias : Vocals/Guitars
Saroth : Guitars/Backing Vocals
Arkdaemon : Bass/Backing Vocals
Skvm : Drums
Metal Archives has the following discography:
Satanas Lux Solis Demo 1999
Unholy Chants of Darkness / Faces of the Void Split 2001
Black Unholy Presence Demo 2002
Rituals of Black Plague Live album 2003
Servants of the Beast Full-length 2003
Sargeist / Temple of Baal Split 2004
Traitors to Mankind Full-length 2005
Ancestral Fog / Temple of Baal Split 2006
Temple of Baal / Aosoth Split 2007
Lightslaying Rituals Full-length 2009
The Vision of Fading Mankind Split 2011
Verses of Fire Full-length 2013
Mysterium Full-length 2015
listen here:

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