Sunday, August 30, 2015

Steel Raiser

Steel Raiser (Italy): Unstoppable (Iron Shield Records)
Steel Raiser’s album is strong traditional heavy metal in the style of big time, prime time Judas Priest-Primal Fear pounding heavy metal with window-shattering vocals, from Italy to the nations of the world. The band represents total loyalty and devotion to heavy metal, as the gods first created it and as it is documented in the book of heavy metal written in iron pages. Steel Raiser is band of crusaders of heavy metal that is true as steel and keeps it true to the heart. The record company also adheres to the curmudgeon philosophy when they say: “IRON SHIELD Records is a Label for loyal oldschool metal fans. Mostly for real Heavy/ Speed & Thrash Metal, no modern or trendy stuff!”
You see?! They are on the same page.
The knights of the temple of steel are:
Gianluca Rossi – atomic guitar mastery
Alfonso Giordano – multiple voices of steel
Giuseppe Seminara – apocalyptic guitar rays
Salvo Pizzimento – the bass of iron and iron
Antonio Portale – the drums of forever magma
I have had to listen to this album a bunch of times to confirm what I am hearing. I thought that maybe the album sounded great because I was in a good mood. Maybe only the first few songs sound awesome and I need to listen to the complete recording? Perhaps the slow songs and the ballads will be bad?
There are no slow songs and there are no ballads. Ok, well, that solves that problem!
There are three main speeds: fast heavy metal that is akin to speed/thrash metal. There are uptempo songs that make it impossible not to bang your head, whether you are on the bus, at the grocery store, at the gym, or when you are marching in the streets against capitalism, or marching for capitalism or just marching because marching in the streets is cool (or whatever it is). There also some midtempo moments when the band brings on a bit more melody.
They have a song called “Dreaming of You” and it is not a ballad. The most melodic song is called “The Last Tears” and it is also not a ballad. They just like to rock out and play fast and play faster and bang their heads.
The vocals are traditional, but there are various little shades of singing. Personally, I have tried to find out if this is all the same singer and I have not found anything that says that it is not the same person. There clearly are various different tones that you can hear and it makes for an interesting listen. They do have a song with some guest vocals, but that’s easy to hear and that’s easily confirmed by looking it up on Metal Archives, too.
You love true heavy metal. You keep it true. You want the original and authentic heavy metal, but you say that you do not know Steel Raiser. Well, Steel Raiser actually knows you very well. Steel Raiser is you. Steel Raiser is heavy metal.

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