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Soradra (Madagascar)
Soradra has a recording and below there is a link where you can hear it. The recording is a rough one, but it gives a solid idea of the thrash that they play. It is called “Ho sora-drà.”
The band is:
Bass guitar: Balita
Drums: Ando Ranady
Guitar, vocals: Faniry Ram
Guitar: Lito M
This is the band’s bio:
“SORADRA is a Thrash Metal band founded in 2006 by students of the Lycée Jules Ferry Faravohitra (Antananarivo, Madagascar) following jam sessions. Faniry Ram, Balita, Ando Ranady Rapa and are then the first members in the group. SORADRA spent the first 3 years of his life to the compositions and in the rehearsal studios to prepare well its future appearances. In September 2009, the 4 guys, supported by Tojo (Back vocals on occasion), executed their first performance at the festival 'Metal Wave at Falda Antanimena - Antananarivo, Madagascar. This was the first and last concert rapa as a member of SORADRA. He left the group because of his studies but will still be on good terms with his former comrades in arms. The group is transposed composition Trio concerts during 'Challenge's Metal' (27 December 2009 at the ECAR Isotry - Antananarivo, Madagascar) and Animation of the African Cup of Nations' (January 10, 2010 at Gymnasium Covered Mahamasina - Antananarivo, Madagascar) waiting to find a replacement for Rapa.
In 2010, Faniry contact Locki to become the new guitarist SORADRA. Upon his arrival in this fraternity, he is very motivated and began working piece by piece. That same year, the new line-up in studio (in ValiMad) to run the first recordings of Maso Mena and miaramila Miloko (to be reconstituted in 2012). After relentless repetition, as usual, Balita, Ando Ranady, Faniry Ram and Locki take the stage April 23, 2011 during the first festival 'Big Metal at Kianja Maitso of Analamahitsy - Antananarivo, Madagascar. Then, the self-produced concert entitled 'Metal Warrior' with other groups of the independent scene (SHARKS, SAKRAMETA and FAMBARA) at the Municipal Theatre Analakely - Antananarivo, Madagascar. It is not finished for 2011 because September 6, 2011, SORADRA mounts a festival entitled 'Together As Metal' (in collaboration with the group SHARKS) and gives another performance at the Municipal Theatre Isotry.
In 2012, the band entered the studio to record the first album 'Ho Sora-Dra'. The same year, after recording half the album playlist, Locki announces his departure from the group for academic reasons. He entered the Military Academy (Antsirabe) and will finish her training in 2015.
SORADRA therefore returned to the composition during the concert Trio 'Metal Absolute', 14 July 2012 (at Jed One Ankazomanga - Antananarivo, Madagascar), but also during the recording of Aizina.
During recording of Aizina, Lito (a friend of Ram Faniry during his years of college) was contacted to lend his acoustic guitar to the group (you can hear the acoustic part at the beginning and the end of the song). Resulting from this cooperation, Lito million was taken as a new guitarist SORADRA and participate in the finalization of the album (which will be delayed for financial reasons).
The season of concerts of the 2013 group is started on April 27 to mark the second edition of the festival 'Pic Fest at Itaosy Guest House - Antananarivo, Madagascar. Continuing with his new quartet formation SORADRA participates at the festival Big Metal Café 'May 20, 2013 at Akorondrano.
The year 2013 is very important to this group of Thrash Metal as it marks the release of "Ho Sora-Dra." To promote the album, the four thrashers set off to Antsirabe and participate in concert 'M'Rock Vita Bacc' the French Alliance of Antsirabe with two groups from Antananarivo and local groups on August 25 2013. After the show, they took advantage of their trip to shoot the video for "Thrash Mirevy" (3rd video of the group).
Meanwhile, the compositions and the search for new inspirations continue, as improving and strengthening the performance of each group member. On May 31, 2014, coinciding with the anniversary of Faniry Ram SORADRA is called to carry out work during the concert 'BijaMetRock at Pariss Ambatoroka - Antananarivo, Madagascar. During the same year, in response to the promotion of the first album, the group went back in the direction of self-production to establish a special concert titled Thrash Metal 'Thrash Metal in Blood'.”
track list for “Ho sora-drà”
1.Maso Mena
2.Ho soradra
3.No More Trust (Tribute to Cherokees)
4.Bala ho anlah
6.Miaramila miloko
7.Thrash Mirevy
8.So Dizzy
Listen here:

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