Saturday, August 1, 2015

Omega Crom

Omegan Crom is a metal band from Canada. If you have not had a chance to find out more about this band, below you will find information about them and a lyric video that they have done.
"Omega Crom is a thrash power metal band based out of Vancouver, B.C. Bringing to the stage progressive power metal and elements of death and thrash!! Vancouver, B.C."
"Omega Crom is a ripping metal band based out of Vancouver B.C. who bring to the stage progressive power metal and elements of aggressive shred and thrash.
"Everything we do we believe in giving people the type of metal that we grew up listening to. We believe music has the power to bring people together and put the listener into the direct state of the performer. We believe that metal taps into a transcendental framework that can be channeled into a moment. We make our metal with our blood, steel & fire, with the power of our souls and bring it to the stage creating that moment. We play metal because it's what we have done for over 21 years. We do it because we are creating memories to share with friends old & new. It's the only game in town for old school guys like us and we will play metal until we die."
This heavy band takes a note from Robert E. Howard's "Conan the Barbarian" making its metal the stuff of legend. The music is forged into a primary directive to move the listener and take you on a journey of highs and lows. Feeling everything from adrenalized battle rush to sonorous dreamscapes and alien time schemes.
Omega Crom is a one-guitar monster featuring Johnny Ketlo on vox and guitar, Damien Ketlo on drums, and Sylvain Maltais on bass. Celine Derval of Scythia is sometimes featured as a guest vocalist.
They released their debut album in March 2009 entitled 'BLOOD, STEEL & FIRE' a brutal onslaught of riffs and attitude.
O.C. entered Vancouvers Rain City recording studios for their second album “BEYOND CONTROL”, released worldwide August 2014. To the delight of O.C. fans the new songs emerge more refined and virtuosic than ever before."
Power Soul [Official Lyric Video] by Omega Crom
"Power Soul. The single from Omega Crom album 'Beyond Control'. Pics of shows and artwork from the Vancouver based metal band featured throughout with the lyrics following along. Thrash Metal and Power Metal mixed up and served from Rain City Recording Studio in Vancouver."

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