Friday, August 7, 2015


by MMB
Ogotay (Poland): Dead God’s Prophet (Selfmadegod Records)
The sounds of true death metal make it easy to bang your head. Extreme metal fanatics know that Poland has a reputation for reliable, consistent death metal. Such bands from Poland are appreciated for knowing how to work within the genre, and these bands are conscious not to disappoint their listeners by releasing weird, disastrous albums. It’s almost like a warranty from death metal bands from Poland. In metal in general, consistency is appreciated, due to many people feeling alienated by their favorite bands getting all electronica experimental dance club dubstep spoken word jazzy glam hardcore hipster postrock and whatnot.
Ogotay is bassist/vocalist Marcin Świerczyński (ex-Yattering), drummer Szymon Andryszczak (ex-Pandemonium), and guitarists Artur Piotrowski (Mess Age) and Andrzej Peszel (Fulcrum). Such information only confirms that this is death metal of the old guard of the Polish extreme metal sounds. People into the sounds of Vader, Behemoth, and Hate can find so much of those fundamental sounds in Ogotay and this new album. I mention those bands because I notice that the professionalism of Ogotay is top notch. This death metal is a bit more “traditional,” you could say, and by that I mean that it sounds like true death metal, without any need to go into the whole mess of subgenres. The vocals are guttural and strong, the speeds vary from blasting to uptempo double bass attack, the guitar tone is thick, the solos shred and the songs are easy to understand and very listenable. Ogotay is professionalism in death metal. This album follows “Eve of the Last Day” (2012), which I have not heard, but this new album, which is already out, is a definitely a keeper for me. Solid, solid work.
Find out more about the new album here below.

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