Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mongol Metal: Tengger Cavalry / Nine Treasures / Ego Fall

Mongol Metal (compilation) (China): Tengger Cavalry / Nine Treasures / Ego Fall (Mongol Metal)
Whether you are into folk metal or not, consider exploring these three bands from China because this compilation is something good, very interesting and something different, and you will hear and feel the difference. The compilation exhibits several characteristics that will be worthwhile to those looking to hear metal approached from these angles.
However, in this case, thankfully, all three bands rock out on this compilation. The bands have particular elements of folk metal from Inner Mongolia, China. The vocals sound like extreme metal, but some of the vocals will sound new to the metal ear, with elements that have names like “throat singing” and other features.
It makes you wonder about the road that these three bands—Tengger Cavalry, Nine Treasures and Ego Fall—have travelled in order to arrive at the sound that they have. Of course, they sound different from each other, but this compilation does a good job of showing the world what folk metal from China sounds like, by these three bands. The songs are memorable. There is a youthful energy to them, regardless of whatever their ages may be.
To conclude, if you are into folk metal or if you are curious to hear some metal from China, this compilation is very, very helpful.
'Mongol Metal' Trailer
Tengger Cavalry - "Horseman" (Mongol Metal)
Nine Treasures - Sonsii
EGO FALL - "Wind the Horn" (Mongol Metal)

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