Friday, August 7, 2015


Kaledon (Italy): Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods (Scarlet Records)
If in your heart the glory of true power metal resides, and somehow the magic of Kaledon has passed you by, then, you, true power metal warrior, will be triumphant upon your discovery of this mighty album by Kaledon, a band that formed in 1998, and their fourth album (as you can tell from the title) is from 2006. Scarlet Records is reissuing this album for all of those, who like me, never heard the young Kaledon on the rise.
Recently I wrote about the band’s 2014 album “Antillius: The King of the Light” and observed that the bands “sounds in their prime, it is a band ascending, searching to make masterpiece albums that will capture the hearts of the catchy metal world audience. Kaledon has plenty of sing-along power rockers, but they also do some midpaced headbanging tunes and a few slower moments. It’s a good balance, but keep in mind that Kaledon on this album is about rocking out to power metal, so that’s what they do.“ This album “Chapter IV” is a younger Kaledon, when the band was spreading its wings upon the kingdom of power metal; Kaledon was a young dragon, flexing its wingspan, breathing balls of wild fire and roaring power to show its majesty. The band, however, is consistent and in 2006 or in 2014, it does not matter, Kaledon does it all well in the name of true power metal. The riffs can go very fast and the singing can also reach summit heights, and the songs reach out to the true power metal supporters wherever they may be found. Expect speed, but also uptempo rockers and ballads.
As an extra goodie, the 2015 lineup of the band has done a new recording of two songs: “Holy Water” and “Into the Fog,” so that the legions can hear now the current lineup doing some old Kaledon songs. Ride with the dragons and oversee the land, the sea and the snow-covered mountains, join with Kaledon, join with the dragons of the multitude lands of grand Italia.
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