Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grave Digger versus Manowar: who has catchier songs?!, part 1

Metal Bulletin Zine and Excuse All the Blood are waging an epic struggle to the death to determine which band has catchier songs, Grave Digger or Manowar?
(Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show every Friday night at 11pm Pacific Time [Seattle time], United States. To find out more about the show, go to
Metal Bulletin Zine will submit the top 10 Manowar songs and Excuse All the Blood will submit the top 10 Grave Digger songs. We are doing this one song at a time. Metal Bulletin Zine submitted Manowar's top 10 song below: "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" and Excuse All the Blood has responded with Grave Digger's "Giants."
Ladies and gentlemen, witness the mighty battle take place in front of your very eyes! Are you ready to rummmmmmmmmmmble?!!
Let's get it on!
Who will it be? Grave Digger or Manowar?
This is Grave Digger.
Grave Digger - Giants
Now, listen to this one. This is Manowar.
Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Next: soon Metal Bulletin Zine will answer back with its number 9 Manowar song and we'll see how Excuse All the Blood tries to top it!

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