Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Goat Torment

Goat Torment (Belgium): Sermons to Death (Amor Fati Productions)
Goat Torment formed around 2008/2009 and ever since then the objective has been to live up to the name of the band. Let’s face it, once you make this left turn and head down this road of perdition, you either live up to the name Goat Torment or you die a miserable death. There’s no going back and there is no changing musical direction because otherwise it’s no longer Goat Torment. You must play black metal like you want to beat up Marduk and Endstille in the dark corners of the streets at night. Either you jump into moving traffic and survive or get forgotten by the fast moving hordes of black metal. This is black metal, this is Goat Torment black metal: blasting, primal metal that will challenge the clans of the spikes to fight skinheads, drug addicts and the police in the sewers of the city. Goat Torment has the goal of sickening your normal life and infecting you with black metal scum mentality and you will like it because you want this band to be your enemy to hate. Bestial metal, war metal, barbarian metal, necro black metal, whether it’s Revenge, Sarcófago, Blasphemy or whatever you want in the bestial, the bestial you need, you want this now, you come and get it down here.

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