Monday, August 10, 2015

FREE: melodic, catchy folk metal from Ukraine: Eldertale

Eldertale (Ukraine)
“Melodic folk metal” is how the band describes itself. The music of the 2014 three-song EP “Land of Old” is uptempo and catchy, and the recording definitely shows that they have something a little bit special going on because it’s palpable in the quality of the songwriting. The EP is about 17 minutes long, and it creates great anticipation for what the band will do in the future.
Back in April the band reported that their rehearsal space burnt down and along with it, of course, the band’s gear. For this reason, the band is asking for your support on Bandcamp. The recording is free/name-your-price.
Regardless of the rehearsal space situation, though, the music is worthwhile for people that love folk metal. The band demonstrates a serious level of understanding of songwriting, which is why the folk metal public that has an interest in hearing new music of the genre will be pleased to hear this band.

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