Wednesday, August 12, 2015

free album of deathcore: HYPERION

HYPERION is deathcore from the U.K. They say that they are "For fans of - Aegaeon, Aversions Crown, Impending Doom, Nexilva, Make Them Suffer, Signal The Firing Squad and Lorna Shore." Below you will find the link to the free/name-your-price album.
The band says:
"Hyperion is comprised of not only the remaining members of "Condemned" but also Matt and Courtney, two of the original members from "Bound By Exile" who joined the band in late 2013.
Gage, whom was the original vocalist has moved to the position of guitarist, and Dom has moved from guitar to bass. These changes have proved vital in the progression of the band in conjunction with the addition of the new members.
Matt and Courtney bring a new edge to the band with their signature styles and varied influences. Both of which are talented and experienced musicians that have spent many years touring and recording during their time spent in "Bound By Exile" and all their previous endeavors.
As before in "Condemned", Hyperion also utilizes three guitarists; all of which use 8-string guitars, and they use them to their advantage to create a monstrous assault in both their live shows and recordings alike."
On Facebook these are the members:
Courtney Rice - Vocals
Gage Conway - Guitar
Tom Martin - Guitar
Kev Florence - Guitar
Dom Allison - Bass
Matt Marks - Drums
Recently the band posted the following: "August 2 at 3:31pm
Unfortunately Hyperion from now on will not be performing as a live band, this has been a hard decision to make and has been a while coming, the bulk of this band (who formerly were condemned) have been playing live for about 7 years now, and all the struggles has taken it's tole on a lot of us for a while now, and with that the love of the band and doing live shows declining within members. We didn't want to replace anyone as we've felt we've had to do this a lot already even as a new band,so with the decision of the majority wanting to leave and stop playing live music we've decided to carry on Hyperion as an internet project with the remaining members, so u can still expect new material from us in the future and look forward to new live projects"
Hear/download the free album here.

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