Monday, August 10, 2015


Fedra (Colombia)
Fedra is traditional black metal from Colombia. In 2015 the band has a new album called “The Gates of Hell.” The band says about itself:
“In early 2006 FEDRA was born between dreams and laments emanating from the depths, inhabited by templation, lust and mundane, where men have been sentenced to eternal torture and suffering.”
The band is:
lead singer: Carolina Araque
guitarist: Janis Gutiérrez
bass and choirs: Ana María Briñez
drummer: Catherine Correa
The discography is:
The Queen of Darkness I demo 2008
The Queen of Darkness II demo 2011
The Gates of Hell full-length 2015
track list to "The Gates of Hell."
2.Engraved on a Tombstone my Name
3.Fuerza sombria
5.La muerte
6.Eternal Blasphemy
7.La ley del infierno
9.Hija de la noche
10.Voodoo Magic
11.Oda al mal
12.The Next To Die
13.Recuerdo oscuro
Go their Facebook to find out more. On Twitter the band is offering the 2011 available for free.

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