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Araña is a "tribal metal" band from El Salvador.
Eduardo Rodríguez - vocals/guitar
Jorge Gómez - drums/percussion
Carlos Álvarez - bass/vocals
Araña (Spider) is a Salvadoran tribal metal band born in 2005 in San Salvador, El Salvador. It is currently made up of Eduardo Rodriguez (vocals and guitar), Carlos Alvarez (vocals and bass) and Jorge Gomez (drums and percussion).
Araña band brings a great track record and is one of the most influential bands of its kind in El Salvador, by its association with the former but recognized band "Aboriginal", which formed part Eduardo Rodriguez as lead singer and bassist Carlos Alvarez . And also, because of its former members, as the case of Jorge Lopez, who was guitarist Kabak and Twisted roots, Francisco Morales bassist Ayutush, Henry Marble drummer La Pepa, among other musicians, all with significant experience in the metal scene Salvadoran.
The band began in late 2005 when Eduardo Rodriguez and Alejandro González on drums and experience decided to meet to see what happened, resulting in a demo called "Savia Negra". From the beginning the influences are directed to the melting of metal with tribal, both lyrics and music, especially making use of Latin percussions, a legacy of tribal rhythms, which shows the difference on other proposals of the genre metal and you can be heard on his album "Teotl" production conducted independently in El Salvador, and it came out in 2009 bringing influence thrash, death and heavy metal.
The lyrics bring a message of social awareness and vindication of Mesoamerican roots and proud to be Latin American. The disk diffusion achievement consolidated with the support of the Mexican production "American Line", who gave support to the distribution of the album in some Latin American countries, Europe and the United States. As part of the history of the band, the group has shared the stage with renowned bands like Sepultura, Napalm Death, Amon Amarth, Hell's Angels, Howitzer, Cavalera Conspiracy among others. Another relevant fact is the fact that the group had an abrupt break between 2010 and 2012 due to an illness suffered by the vocalist from which he emerged victorious.
It was in 2012 that the current alignment is consolidated and the band toured Central America and has participated in important local and international events, allowing them to remain in force. In 2015 participate in "Mega Metal" the most important metal event of Honduras, it is then that the organizers decided to give the band a chance to participate in the Central American battle for the representation of the region at the "Wacken Open Air" the most important metal festival in the world, taking first place and thereby having the opportunity to participate in this festival and to represent Central America.
Araña - Diente por Diente Video Oficial
Araña ¨sentenciados por la Ignorancia¨Rock and Toys 2012 RTV

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