Sunday, August 9, 2015


Antropofago (France): Æra Dementiæ (Kaotoxin Records)
I have the 2010 demo (thank you, Antropofago!) simply called “Antropofago.” The band’s demo has songs like “Barbecued Baby Back Human Legs.” Morbid themes and Antropofago go together like horse and carriage. Now, years later, the band writes songs that push the tech-metal machinery to the brink. Things are looking up for the band in 2015: a new album and they are on Kaotoxin Records. Not too shabby, eh? Naturally, blasting and fast riffs are the backbone of the band’s sound. In that respect, the song remains the same in 2010 or 2015, but you know what they say: the more that things remain the same, the more that they change. The first time that you listen you will hear a wall of low-growling blasting speed. That’s what I heard the first couple of times. Then, with a bit of time, I began to notice how diverse the songs are. Despite the speed and the impression that all the songs might sound the same, there is variety, changes, bits of melody, small segments of sideways energies and other such small things. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they are still an extreme, raucous, overwhelming band, some people will not or might not want to delve deeper into what this album has to offer as a modern tech-metal band. Thus, while undoubtedly this music is completely in the category of tech-metal with all the features (dizzying speed, robotic drums, so on and so forth), the band has traits about its music that give it its own little sick twist within the context of tech-metal.
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