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ZANDELLE, part 2

by MMB
This is the conclusion to the interview with Zandelle from New York City.
Zandelle, from New York City, is a traditional heavy metal band formed in 1996 and recorded its debut EP “Zandelle” that same year, according to Metal Archives. Zandelle now has some seven studio recordings, the latest of which is the 2015 album called “Perseverance,” the new album that comes out on July 24th. In view of the band’s new album, here is a little discussion with Zandelle’s singer George Tsalikis, who also was the singer for heavy metallers Gothic Knights from 1990 to 1994.
Currently, according to Zandelle’s Facebook page, these are the members Zandelle.
George Tsalikis (vocals)
Joe "Jofu" Cardillo (drums/backing vocals)
James Corallo (bass)
TW Durfy (guitars/backing vocals)
Josh Tuckman (keyboards/backing vocals)
QUESTION: For you, personally, what have been some of the highlights in the history of Zandelle?
I would say that the European tour in 2009 was probably one of our biggest highlights. It was incredible to travel abroad and play to our fans overseas. There is something amazing about playing to people you’ve never seen before in person, but who are singing your songs as you play them on stage. In any event, we would love to tour for the new album. So far we haven’t heard of any opportunity to do so, but that can change and hopefully we will all be ready.
Each album we release is also quite important to us because we always strive to outdo the previous one and I believe we accomplish in doing just that. With each album, our production as well as our performance improves drastically.
We’ve recently began working on video production as well. The latest video we just released “Unending Fortitude” was the first video we did where we had 100% control over its production from beginning to end. And we have two other new videos which we will be releasing in the coming months that we are very proud to unveil to the world.
QUESTION: How does having a band when you are a grown person, with spouses, children, regular jobs and all these things, how does having a band present challenges for you all?
You are indeed correct. The older you get, the more responsibilities you inherit and playing shows, touring and taking time for other band-related work does in fact become more and more challenging. But you also become wiser (hopefully) so that the time you do spend on band related activities is far more productive and produces far better results.
QUESTION: Unlike the old bands from the previous era, a band like Zandelle doesn’t become rock stars overnight with radio and MTV. Yet, don’t you think that Zandelle’s time will come?
It’s difficult to say. Although perseverance does factor in (see what I did there?), today’s technology makes it easier for more bands to put themselves out there but that also makes is more difficult for one of those bands to get noticed.
When I was younger my goal was to be a rock star. Now my goal is to create good music and I’m doing just that. If the day comes when I get recognized by the masses for doing so then I will be extremely happy, but if it doesn’t I’ll still keep doing it because it’s what I love to do. But I’m hoping you’re right and our time does come because that would be awesome!
QUESTION: Do you find that there is an audience in metal music that wants to hear singing again? You have been around the block, so you must have a sense of how the times are changing?
Okay, that’s the second time you made a point of how “old” I am watch it! Just kidding. I feel that the “uncool” factor of melodic singing vs. growling, shouting or barking was more prevalent in the 90s as a backlash to the 80s sound (as I mentioned earlier in the interview). I think nowadays a lot more people are, in fact, wanting to hear melodic singing.
One thing we’ve always done as a band is to incorporate some elements of different sub-genres in our songs. Although I much more favor melodic singing to the more aggressive approaches, there are some parts in certain songs that have growly vocals, but we use that as an accent to at dimension to a song. What I’ve noticed in general is that tastes always cycle because people get tired of what is over-played and want to hear something new which turns out to be a rehashing of something old.
QUESTION: Your new album is called “Perseverance.” What does the title mean for you and your band in 2015?
Perseverance is basically what we had to have in order to survive this long in an industry that is far less than hospitable to those who don’t have it. It’s what this band is all about. It’s what I’m all about. It’s easy to push forward when everything is going your way, but life isn’t like that. There are many challenges one faces over the years and it’s during the hard times that we need to dig deep within ourselves to find the strength to fight on, otherwise you will never succeed. And that is what this album means to us. No matter what difficulties we faced over the years, Zandelle lives on and we are stronger than ever.
Here is a new song! The band says that there are more videos coming, this is only the first one from the new album.
Here are two older songs from Zandelle.
Dark Nemesis by Zandelle
Flames of Rage by Zandelle

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