Sunday, July 12, 2015


Witchblood is black metal with origins in Germany. The sole member is Iron Meggido (guitar, vocals, bass), according to Facebook. For live situations, Iron Meggido works with other musicians.
Witchblood, according to Metal Archives, has these releases.
Witchblood Demo 2009
Blood and the Elements EP 2012
Hail to Lyderhorn Full-length 2014
On Witchblood's Facebook page there is a review posted and it states:
"Witchblood – Hail to Lyderhorn (Aurora Australis)
Attempting to uphold the values of classic black metal while introducing to them some of the more recent developments in tradfolk-inspired music, Witchblood combines the catchy attack of Venom with riff technique from mid-90s black metal and adds its own voice, which consists of equal part narrative bardic style and an idiosyncratic ability to make memory-haunting tunes. The result features a range of techniques from the history of metal, including NWOBHM-inspired riffing right alongside streaming tremolo picked melodic riffs, but this band makes it work by keeping focus on an essential melody in each song paired to a vocal rhythm designed to deliver a foot-tapping chorus, as bands like Sodom or Destruction did years ago. The result takes the Venom school of metal, upgrades it with black metal, and restores it to a 1980s delivery that is both clear and dark and then infuses that with the type of ancestral identity and epic sensation of purpose that arises from folk music. Through this, Witchblood creates its own form of metal that shows clear roots in much older traditions."
Below is some live footage.
Witchblood - Martyrdoom 2014

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