Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
Tentation (France): Tentation (Infernö Records)
How much traditional heavy metal in French have you heard? This band sounds like they wake up headbanging to French heavy metal, have breakfast headbanging to French heavy metal and go to bed headbanging to French heavy metal. Can you say Sortilège?
I do not speak French, but I speak a little bit of heavy metal. I understand this music perfectly. Nothing needs to be translated because everything is perfectly clear: 80s traditional heavy metal will not die as long as this band is alive and kicking up the jams.
The band has not been around too long, formed in 2012, and this is their debut EP. When you listen to this band, expect heavy metal similar to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the sense of the old school metal, and expect basically nothing from modern metal. Tentation will bring back the 80s and they want to take you with them. The songs are generally fast heavy metal, and they get to the point quickly.
I have not heard that much heavy metal in French, so this sounded both familiar and different because of the language, but, like I say, in the end the language is heavy metal, regardless of whether you speak English, Spanish, German, Japanese or Martian.
Definitely give this a band your time if you love traditional heavy metal. If in your music collection you don’t have too many bands doing metal in French, then that’s another reason for finding out more about Tentation.
Tentation - Bruixes (2015)

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