Monday, July 27, 2015


This is Setfire from Brazil.
Setfire takes to the stage exactly what it promises from the name: the mighty, powerful and aggressive sound of thrash and death metal can ignite the audience with strong riffs inspired by what is most pure and traditional in the genre.
Born six years ago, in Maua town of Grande ABC, in São Paulo, the band dared conviction and passion to circumvent the cultural tradition of the region, recognized Barn punk rock groups to play the continuation of the legacy of artists like Pantera, Metallica and Slayer and to follow up the national line of Grave, Krisiun, Korzus and Torture Squad.
Sound quality and originality of copyright compositions yielded in just over half decade international recognition to Setfire. The protest against poverty, alert to poor technological use and the discourse on social violence and human interactions drew attention of music critics and broadcasters in Greece, England, United States and Mexico and surrendered interviews and placement of the songs the group to foreign audiences.
The Setfire raised silver medal in the race of independent sets of the American site The Metal Den evaluating the musicians with "enough talent to ten bands."
Even in foreign lands, ideology and values ​​represented by Setfire They drew attention of designer clothing California Whole Hearted that elected the group as only Brazilian to integrate its casting and represent the brand worldwide.
In Brazil, the recognition was no less with the appearance of the band in publications traditional rock as Whiplash and Rock Express portals and Roadie Crew magazine which defined the technical quality of Artur Morais singer as "impossible to ignore".
The curriculum, the Setfire has an independent album released in Brazil, the EP Desert Land, and the clip for the track "Envy Shit", released on the web and on TV Stay Heavy program, conceptualized in the segment of heavy music.

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