Wednesday, July 1, 2015


by MMB
Sempiternal Dusk (U.S.): Sempiternal Dusk (Dark Descent Records)
Sempiternal Dusk is exclusively for those into lo-fi, necro and cave primitive atmospheric death/black/doom. The music is protected from casual listeners by an impenetrable wall of thick fog that requires from the listener a dedication to primal, obscurantist underground metal. Sometimes these invocations are very slow, sometimes it is bestially fast, it is all always heavy. Sempiternal Dusk appears to be a Portland, Oregon-based project, with Tim Call on vocals and drums. Tim seems to be involved with many projects, all of which seem to be underground metal, as far as I know, though I have not heard all of them, only several of them. The impression that Sempiternal Dusk gives changes according to the particular moment of each song: atmospheric; contemplative doom; and primal, cavernous, low-growled death metal; or, a primitive, downtuned black metal feel, in about 45 minutes of metal darkness. The specific concoction of this album reaches deep down and far back into the underground that the big metal media seldom cover in a serious or respectful way. Despite that, no one can doubt or deny the greatness and allegiance that this represents for enthusiasts of archaic metal of darkness. Can you get through fog?!
Sempiternal Dusk - Upon the Gallows at Perihelion

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