Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
Secret Sphere (Italy): A Time Never Come – 2015 Edition [Re-recorded] (Scarlet Records)
Secret Sphere, according to Metal Archives, began in 1997. Before this new re-recording, they have seven full-length albums. Those in the know in Italy do not need an introduction to the band, although the band is new to me, given that I have missed the boat in this case. I am not qualified to say anything about the previous albums, including the original recording of this album from 2001.
As you know, the metal public that does not like re-recordings. Some people really hate it when Exodus and Manowar and Anthrax and other bands go back and re-record old music. They say it loses the magic of the original. I expect that some of the band’s older listeners will be not be pleased that their nostalgia is being ruined with a new version.
This leaves me in a strange situation because I think this album sounds awesome. If you listen to power metal and you have never heard this band, you will be pleasantly surprised. The album sounds like it is the work of an experienced bunch of musicians, which of course they are; they’ve been at it for a long time.
In my case, I cannot help but think this is an a very good album of power metal from Italy, with the talent, attitude and dedication that traditional metal bands from Italy show in their albums. I am not able to compare it, and can only say that this album is a keeper for sure. If you have not heard Secret Sphere and you would like to hear power metal from Italy, I recommend this album. I have been listening to it a lot to see if the quality is strong for the complete album, and not just a few songs, and have determined that the album as a complete work sounds catchy, melodic and rocking.
Why did the band re-record the album? Really, it does not matter to me, being out of the loop as I am. The band says that this new recording of the album was originally meant for the Japanese market. As you can imagine with bands, the band has gone through membership changes since 2001 when this album was first recorded. One of the main attractions is that the new lineup, including the new singer Michele Luppi (with the band since 2012), and they gave it the new production.
Be that as it may, this was an excellent introduction to Secret Sphere for me.
Legend SECRET SPHERE A Time Nevercome 2015 Edition

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