Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
Satanika (Italy): Total Inferno (Osmose Productions)
Satanika’s extreme metal has growled vocals and some blasting, yet the spirit of the music is all about 80s primal thrash. It’s a good combination; it works for them. The band exudes a level of professionalism that is impressive. This could all be due to their unusual recording history: the band apparently released four different EPs in 2010, which is basically something that seems highly unprecedented. Then, in 2011 the band had an album and EP. In 2012 they had an album and a split. 2013 was a bad year for them: they had “only” an EP. In 2014 they bounced right back with an album. They did not allow too much time to go by, so in 2015—surprise, surprise!—they have a new album: the ten-song lesson in thrash called “Total Inferno.”
Such a flurry of activity means that the band believes in wasting no time: songs that metalheads can understand quickly. At the same time, listening to the music, it’s a bit of a surprise how clean the production is. Perhaps that’s just another example of the professionalism that I mentioned earlier. Satanika means business.
This is an older song by Satanika. It gives a good idea of the thrash that they play.
SATANIKA - Rats from Hell

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