Sunday, July 12, 2015


Recon by Fire is a new metal band from Poland. Below is a bit of information and two songs to hear.
The band is:
Mila Sobol - vocal,
Alexandra Musielewicz - lead guitar,
Magda Piędzia - rhythm guitar,
Anna Lewandowska - bass guitar,
Lena Dubravska - drums
Recon By Fire formed in 2014 in Warsaw (Poland). The first demo "Into the Fire" was published in 2015.
The band considers itself a mix of old and new.
"Music of RBF includes both elements of oldschool and modern metal. The basic inspiration for us is thrash metal, but in our songs you can find a lot of melody, climate and our own unique style, which was from the beginning the main goal of the group."
Recon By Fire - Sudden Death
Recon By Fire - Traitors

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