Friday, July 10, 2015

FREE crossover thrash: RAZBOINIX

Razboinix (Russia): Razboinix
This free/name-your-price album is for crossover thrash enthusiasts. Not much information to tell you, but the band says this about itself. The link below is for the album.
“Cold crossover punk impact from the bosom of the world and centre of Siberia. 5 outcasts, 5 brigands and only 7 notes. Social lyrics with tart and sparkling drop of satire. The defiance to luxary and meanness, arrogance and cowardness, boasting and spinelessness has been bidden. The modern sequel of cause of Robin Hood and all the outcasts with the heart. Guitar instead of knife, drums instead of knuckle-duster, bass instead of bow, microphone instead of garrote. Crushing blow in the head, steel blade straght to the heart, music devastating the wallets. Leave your words, kid, prepare your heart and cash!”

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