Tuesday, July 28, 2015


PÚAH (Venezuela) is a Spanish-language modern groove band with afro-Venezuelan influences.
"Puah undoubtedly carries the banner of the new sound of the Venezuelan metal. A perfect communion between Math Metal sound with the classic touch of Groove, hardcore and thrash, sometimes merging with rhythms of Afro-Venezuelan root; They did awaken the "Chaos Machine" in 2005, a period in which Alejandro Colmenarez Ali Rodriguez and Napoleon Agreda begin to gather in the studio to and give the green light to what would be one of the most important bands of the new national scene.
Major changes would come later with the release of their first EP "Betrayal" recording made in model format with 4 of its main themes. "Vice Terrestrial," "line.13", "My turn" and "Yerro" took the first chords within this material released in late 2007, when entering a fourth member to completely define the sound and identity of Puah Force; David "Chuck" Ferrer.
The band decided to make the official recording of the EP "Demo" (2008) contained the same four issues in a more professional format, material that leads to the stage of II Emerging Bands Festival 2008 (Barquisimeto) resulting as 1st place in the contest. This time for a historical precedent framework band with very good results later. For 2009, the band enters studio for months working tirelessly, discovering new sounds that later, they would be part of the first album tentatively titled "Problem tree", the name by which the process is known pre- production of such work.
For 2010, the "Force Puah" demolish the Venezuelan stage, serving as backup Americans Lamb of God during its passage through Caracas as part of world tour for the album "Wrath". Then in 2011, they share the noise before more than 40 thousand people in one of the biggest festivals in Venezuela: Gillmanfest, the date on which together with the ex - Judas Priest Tim "Ripper" Owens (USA) and Rata Blanca (Argentina) would the main course for what was to date the issue with greater capacity in the history of this prestigious event.
After a profound evolution, it ends the pregnancy and born in the eyes of the public "Kharma" material which receives the first rays of light to January 2014. An album conceived within a series of personal experiences of each member, a contentivo introspective and critical of the "internal conflict" of the human being against himself message. The album received excellent reviews and anuencias, being inside the counting of the top 15 nationally discs (Pig pop / Planeta Urbe) and arriving several countries in Latin America and Europe through iTunes and Google Music. His first single and video "Drylands" was awarded "Video of the Year" during the celebration of the annual awards Melomaniac Venezuela. At the same time, performing their hit "KharmaTour 2014" tour of 9 dates around Venezuela, which served to consolidate completely the place of the band as one of the most iconic groups in the new Venezuelan rock scene.

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