Wednesday, July 15, 2015


by MMB
Poenari (Poland): Wrath, War, Lucifer (EEE Recordings)
Poenari plays a form of brutal black metal that is easy, fun to get into and headbang because of the relentless, blasting drumming that sounds good and the trance-style fast tremolo appears to go so fast that it sounds like it is not moving. Some people say that this is death/black metal, maybe due to the frenzied Hate Eternal/Krisiun-style blasting, but it all depends on what you hear/like. It is true that the blasting is by far the dominant form of drumming going on, but there’s something a bit special that makes it sound good; maybe the drum sound, maybe the personal traits of the drumming. The vocals are mostly the harsh black metal style, but not too screechy (which is annoying), and with some substantial segments of lower death metal growling, too, as if there is (or was) some ambivalence about the vocals’ direction. Personally, the black metal vocals are my preference, but Poenari makes everything sound good. This album was originally released in 2013, but EEE Recordings is doing the reissue. Listen for yourself here.

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