Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
My Refuge (Italy): A Matter Of Supremacy (Bakerteam Records)
My Refuge’s album is a solid work of modern/traditional/melodic heavy metal. It’s a bit on the side of power metal and some prog elements are present, but it’s melodic metal all the way. They have melodic singing; it’s not aggressive shouting; just singing. They do uptempo rockers, midtempo songs and some slow songs.
The band had an EP in 2010, the year the band started out as a solo project for Mauro Paietta (guitars). There was another EP in 2013. Nowadays My Refuge is a full band and this is the debut full-length album.
The album is professional. The recording sounds solid, in the style of modern heavy metal. The songs are memorable, and rather easy to understand. The riffs work well with the songs, and the guitars have hooks. The singing is not only melodic but emotional, too, as is expected. If you want melodic metal or if you know that you like traditional metal bands from Italy, then check out My Refuge. This is the debut album, so it’s fair to say that we could be hearing bigger things from them as they gain more experience!
Mr. Paietta started the band, but today this is the full legion of power and glory:
Davide Vella – lead vocals
Mauro Paietta - lead guitar
Simone Dettore - lead guitar
Salvatore Chimenti – lead bass
Valerio Ferrari – lead drums
My Refuge - A Storm Is Coming
MY REFUGE - The Cage (Oh Demon In My Eyes) official lyric video

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